A foundation stone of modern Hebrew studies

[Biblia hebraica - VT - Proverbia Salomonis]. Münster, Sebastian. [Mishle Shelomoh ben-David]. Proverbia Salomonis, iam recens iuxta Hebraica[m] veritate[m] translata & annotatio[n]ibus illustrata.

[Basel, Johann Froben, 1524].

8vo. (132) ff. With 2 different woodcut devices.

(Bound with) II: [Melekhet ha-dikduk]. Institutiones grammaticae in Hebraeam linguam [...]. (144) ff. With several musical notes and two woodcut devices. Modern vellum, in custom-made cloth case.


I: Second edition of Münster's "Proverbs", previously published in 1520, together with his first own work ever, an introduction to Hebrew grammar. Numerous contemporary Hebrew and Latin marginalia.

II: Only edition of Münster's second publication, a foundation stone of modern Hebrew studies. Includes (fol. r1 ff.) the co-called Jonas polyglot in Hebrew, Chaldaic, Greek, and Latin, with other matter. Contemp. ownership obliterated from t. p.; lower corner defective (remargined professionally; losses supplied in pencil). Numerous contemp. marginalia, mostly in Latin. Both works are very rare; the former has not been seen at auctions since 1950.


I: VD 16, B 3564. Burmeister 137. Hantzsch 234.2-4. Adams B 1536. Steinschneider (Bodl.) 11.51. Panzer VI, 244, 540. Vinograd Mem 1256. OCLC 71515193. Not in BM-STC.

II: VD 16, M 6685. Burmeister 2. Hantzsch 220.2. Adams M 1931. BM-STC German 633. Steinschneider (Hdb.) 1374. Panzer VI, 245, 541. Wolfheim I, 865. Graesse IV, 623. OCLC 22612604.

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