Hummel, Johann Nepomuk, Austrian composer (1778-1837). 19 autograph letters signed.

Carlsbad, Warsaw and Weimar, 1828.

4to. Altogether 44 pp. on 31 ff. 4to. Partly with autograph address.


Extensive, interesting correspondence with his friend and publisher Tobias Haslinger concerning matters of contracts and publication, in particular about his piano instruction book ("Ausführliche theoretisch-praktische Anweisung zum Pianoforte Spiel"), for which he sends the corrections to part one (June 14), about his travel plans ("I will be travelling to Carlsbad with my family on the 24th to take the waters and rid myself of all the old waste"; ibid.), negotiations with his French publisher Aristide Farrenc (who had requested Hummel "to send him a manuscript of mine, which he has announced as a facsimile for the instruction book and wishes to include", June 20), preparations for the funeral of the Grand Duke (Weimar, July 16), corrections for part three of the instruction book (October 23), book requests ("Would you be so kind as to obtain for me from Wallishauser the printed textbooks of the following operas and send them to me by stagecoach at your earliest convenience", November 17), and about his disdain for Paganini: "Paganini's dirtiness is little surprise to me; he is, after all, an Italian; but for all that and because he is not German, he has been created a knight and a chamber virtuoso by the Emperor - indeed, soon I shall be ashamed of my fatherland. Were he a German, such a distinction would never have been conferred on him, even if he were possessed of Paganini's virtuosity three times over" (18 August 1828).


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