Turner (of Oxford), William, English painter (1789-1862). Autograph letter signed, with a fine illustration.

Oxford, 6. VIII. 1841.

4to. 2¾ pp. on bifolium.


To an unidentified recipient: "I have been favoured by your letter of June 29th, in which you have given me your opinion of your drawing of Blenheim, for which I am very much obliged. As the drawing was then in London, I thought it best to defer replying to your letter till I should have it before me, or till I had made the alterations you mentioned, which I believe I have now completed, and which undoubtedly improve it very much. In the first place I have darkened the large green oak No. 1, on the right, also the lower part of the warm oak No. 2 on the left, the upper part, at present, I am unwilling to alter unless I find that it be your wish that I should do so. The Wych Elm No. 3 was very yellow, but I have now made it somewhat green, such as it might be when the foliage has undergone a partial change only. The small beech trees remain much the same, for some time I was unwilling to do any thing to them, I have however made them a little darker. I have endeavoured to work up the distance and building to the effect you desired; and the ferns in the foreground I have varied both in effect and colour. I should say that I have not done much to the building, and was unwilling for some time to touch it, but after making the other alterations, I ventured also to deepen and warm it a little, and I now think it better. I shall be much obliged if you will inform me if you recollect any other little thing that you desire I should do to it, and I shall be most happy to do my best to work up to your idea of the subject. I must beg to say that I agree entirely with you as to propriety of strengthening the effect according to your suggestion [...]".

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