Kreutzberg, Harald, dancer and choreographer (1902-1968). Printed visiting card with 9 autograph lines signed. With a portrait postcard signed and inscribed on the image.

No place or date.

1 p. 5.7 x 10.1 cm and 14.1 x 10.4 cm. In German.


To Dr. Hawelka: "This is the gentleman recently married by Wilckens' daughter. A very good man - perhaps you will have the time [...]”.

Trained at the Dresden Ballet School, Kreutzberg also studied dance with Mary Wigman and Rudolf Laban. Beginning in 1927 he appeared in plays directed by Max Reinhardt and in 1929 went to New York with him, then toured the U.S., Canada, and Europe with the dancer Yvonne Georgi. An important figure of the German modern dance, he founded a school in Berne in 1955. Its ballets combined the drama and humor, with an emphasis on inventive scenes. In 1932–36, Kreutzberg, along with his partner Ruth Page, created a new and unlikely partnership: Kreutzberg was a German modern dancer, while Page was an American ballerina. They first performed together on 25 February 1933 in Chicago. This partnership helped Kreutzberg perform his solo acts in other venues. His jumps were very energetic and strong, but yet his body movements were very soft and fluttery. He was known as not just a talented ballet and modern dancer, but as an entertainer.

The portrait postcard shows Kreutzberg in a dramatically lighted half-profile shot.

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