With entries by Bernoulli and other mathematicians

[Album amicorum]. - Hotze, Johann. Friendship album of Johann Hotze, comprising 46 entries by Swiss and German scientists and scholars, including Daniel Bernoulli, Johann Jacob Breitinger, and Johann Ernst Hebenstreit.

Tübingen, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Coburg, Erfurt, Erlangen, Halle, Jena, Basel, Zurich, Strasbourg, 1753-1757.

Oblong 8vo. Title page and 97 ff. (46 of which are inscribed). Red morocco, spine and covers lavishly gilt.


The album contains entries by many outstanding scientists and scholars of the time, including not only Bernoulli, Breitinger and Hebenstreit, but also Christian Augustus Crusius (Protestant theologian and philosopher, 1715-75), Johannes Gesner (physician and mathematician, 1709-90), Christian Gottlieb Ludwig (physician and botanist, 1709-73), Casimir Christoph Schmidel (naturalist, 1718-92), Heinrich Friedrich Delius (physician, 1720-91), Philipp Friedrich Gmelin (botanist, 1721-68), Christoph Jacob Trew (botanist, 1695-1769), Abraham Gotthelf Kästner (mathematician and teacher of Gauss, 1719-1800), Philipp Adolph Böhmer (physician, anatomist and personal physician to King Frederick William II of Prussia, 1711-89), and Andreas Elias Büchner (head of the Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, 1701-69). The album's owner, Johannes Hotze (1734-1801), was a Swiss physician of great international renown and the cousin of the pedagogue Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. Born into a well-known family of surgeons, Hotze attended the Collegium Carolinum in Zurich and then studied at Strasbourg, Tübingen and Leipzig, from where date numerous entries. Goethe, who visited him twice, described him as a "most intelligent and benevolent man" ("Dichtung und Wahrheit" IV, 18).

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