Account of a pilgrimage to Mecca

[Monterroyo Mascarenhas, José Freire de]. Relaçam da solemne procissam de preces, que por ordem da Corte Ottomana fizeraô os Turcos na Cidade de Meca, para alcançar a assistencia de Deos contra as armas do Augustissimo Emperador de Alemanha, & mais potencias Christãas.

Lisbon, na Officina de Pascoal da Sylva, 1716.

4to. 8 pp. Marbled boards.


Account of a pilgrimage to Mecca ordered by the Ottoman court to invoke divine assistance against the Christian forces in the Austro-Turkish War of 1716-18. In fact, the practical value of this pilgrimage turned out to be limited: in August that same year, Prince Eugene of Savoy defeated the Turks at Petrovaradin; in 1717 he recaptured Belgrade, defeating the Turkish forces with an overwhelmingly outnumbered army; in 1718 the Treaty of Passarowitz was signed, in which the Ottomans had to surrender large areas to Habsburg Empire, which now reached its greatest territorial expanse in history.

Translated into Portuguese and published by José Freire de Monterroyo Mascarenhas (1670-1760), the polyglot editor of numerous travel accounts and topical pamphlets. Rare; OCLC lists only two copies in America (Yale, Toronto).


OCLC 222370772. Cf. Apponyi 2402, 2405.