Blind, Karl, German revolutionist and writer (1826-1907). Autograph letter signed.

London, 29. I. 1889.

8vo. 2½ pp. on bifolium.


An uncommon letter from the sometime associate of Karl Marx to the "North American Review" about his ballooning experiences and submitting an article on aviation: "[...] For more than twenty years I have attentively followed aeronautic affairs, having had occasion to make an ascent for meteorological purposes, in company with Glaisher and a number of prominent French aeronauts, in the gigantic captive balloon which afterwards [...] escaped from its cable and came to grief [...] and it was through a suggestion I have made that the 'German Society of Aeronauts' was founded [...] P.S. I had at first chosen the title of 'Navigable Balloons', but I think 'Guidable Air-Ships' would be a correcter term [...]".

On headed paper.