Laws "in Publico Ecclesiasticis"

[Josephinian State-Church Law]. K. K. Landesfürstliche Verordnungen, und Gesätze in Publico Ecclesiasticis. Erster (-Zweiter) Theil.

Austria, 1782-1848.

Folio (ca. 220 x 335 mm). German manuscript, ink on paper in various hands. 2 vols.: 39, (4), 40-62, (2), 63-92, (2), 93-101, (1), 102-111, (2), 112-113, (1), 114-139 ff., with two printed legal acts (16 and 28 pp.). 244 pp., (41 blank leaves), (25 ff. of index with thumb-index), 2 inserted leaved and a sewn addendum of 7 ff. 19th century temporary grey boards, with a handwritten title label to the upper cover.


Collection of all decrees of the Habsburg monarchy relating to religion, apparently compiled in an Upper Austrian monastery, according to the places where the circulars were issued. Upon the republication of several relevant laws that had already been passed, all "consistoria, abbeys and monasteries" were obliged by a separate decree from 15 June 1782 to keep such collections (the legal text in question forms the first part of the first volume, as is usually the case). Volume 1 covers the years 1782-1785, volume 2 the years 1786-1848. Nearly 900 such basic ordinances "in publico-ecclesiasticis" were published up to the year 1800 alone, of which no fewer than 574 were issued in the Josephinian decade 1780-90. Trattner in Vienna printed the ordinances, including all those issued since 1767, in seven volumes between 1782 and 1789, but the manuscript collections were continued, albeit from the 1830s onwards increasingly only in abridged form or as a reference to the printed text. The final entry concerns the imperial manifesto dated Olomouc, 2 December 1848: "Solemn abdication of His Majesty Emperor Ferdinand I".


Bindings rubbed; extremeties bumped. Interior well preserved.