The principal work of Rhazes

Razi, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyya al- (Rhazes). Opus medicinae practicae saluberrium, antehac nusquam impressum, Galeatii de sancta Sophia in nonu tractatum libri Rhasis ad Regem Almansorem, de curatione morborum particularium, huic seculo accomodatissimum [...].

Hagenau, Valentian Kobian, 25 March 1533.

Folio (215 x 316 mm). (4), 125 ff., final blank f. Title-page printed in red and black. With woodcut title border and numerous initials.

(Bound after) II: Hyginus, C[aius] Julius. Fabularum liber [...]. Basel, Johann Herwagen, March 1535. (24), 246, (2) pp. With 2 different printer's devices, 48 woodcuts in the text and numerous initials.

(Bound after) III: Alexander Trallianus. De singularum corporis partium, ab hominis coronide ad imum usque calcaneum, vitiis, aegritudinibus, & injuriis [...]. Basel, Heinrich Petri, (March 1533). (18) ff. (last blank), 342, (6) pp. With repeated woodcut printer's device and numerous initials. Contemporary wooden covers with blindstamped leather spine on four double bands. 2 clasps.


The principal work of Rhazes, hailed as the "Arabic Galen", frequently reissued with a wealth of commentaries as late as the Renaissance. Dedicated to Prince Almansor of Chorasan, this edition contains the commentary of the physician Galeazzo da Santa Sofia (d. 1427), a native of Padua who served in Vienna as the personal physician to Duke Albrecht IV - likely the only edition of this commentary. The volume was edited by the physician Georg Kraut, who contributed a "Libellus introductorius in artem parvam Galeni de principiis universalibus totius medicinae".

II: Bound before this is the first edition of this variously reprinted collection of Hyginus's mythographical works, "an indispensable aid for the knowledge of the subject matter of Greek tragedy" (Tusc. Lex. Lit.). This is the first appearance in print of the "Fabularum liber", edited by Jacob Micyllus; the finely illustrated "Poeticon astronomicon" had first appeared in 1482.

III: Also bound within the same volume is the second Latin edition of the works of Alexander from Tralles in Lydia (525-ca. 605), the third great physician of the Byzantine epoch, edited by the learned Swiss physician Alban Thorer (Albanus Torinus, 1489-1516).

Traces of a removed title label on the upper cover of the well-preserved binding. Finely penned annotations to Rhazes; the other works contain marginalia in a different hand. An old ownership appears to have been removed from the upper blank margin of Hyginus. Wants the first free endpaper. Some dampstaining to upper margins throughout; other margins show only occasional staining; otherwise largely clean with insignificant browning.


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