"Va bene, patienza!"

Nietzsche, Friedrich, German philosopher (1844-1900). Autograph letter signed ("Friedrich Nietzsche"). In German.

Sorrento, Villa Rubinacci, [mid-February 1877].

8vo. 2 pp. on bifolium.


In German, to his friend, the writer and painter Reinhart von Seydlitz in Davos (Switzerland), inviting him to join Nietzsche and Malwida von Meysenbug in Sorrento: "My dear good friend, nothing but a query - apart from my most cordial thanks for your letter. Are you in sufficient health to make plans for the spring? I hope and wish so with all my heart. You would still find me in Sorrento. My two friends and companions [the philosopher Paul Rée and his student Albert Brenner] will be leaving me at the end of March, and I remain with Miss von Meysenbug [...] My eyes are worse, my head not significantly better - thus, to employ an ancient Italian phrase (first used by a Papal nepot when the bailiffs came to lead him to his death), 'Va bene, patienza!' - The days are of exceptional beauty; there is here a mixture of ocean, forest, and mountain climate, and numerous semi-darkened, quiet pathways. Many plans cross our minds (those of Miss v. M. and myself), and you always figure in them [...]".

During his 1876/77 sojourn on the gulf of Naples, Nietzsche was working on "Menschliches - Allzumenschliches". On November 6th, Richard and Cosima Wagner had abruptly quit Sorrento, departing for Rome; it had been the last meeting between the philosopher and the composer whom he had formerly idolized.

Well preserved.


eKGWB/BVN-1877, 596.