Petroleum facilities in Iraq and Iran

[Petroleum Facilities Middle East]. Petroleum Facilities Middle East.

Washington, DC, Petroleum Administration for War, Foreign Operating Divisions, August 1945.

5 black-and-white maps on 1 sheet, 405 x 890 mm. Various scales; index map scale approximately 1:12,000,000 (azimuthal equal area projection). Includes marine shipping distance table.


Five maps on a single sheet, issued by the U.S. Government immediately after the end of World War II. The maps show all relevant petroleum facilities in Iraq and Western Iran, in Egypt, in Southwestern Iran, and in the Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar areas, identifying not only international boundaries, capital cities and major towns, principal roads and railways, but also concession boundaries, oilfields, oil refineries, oil pipelines, pumping stations, and marine landing terminals.

A few minute edge flaws, but very well preserved. Extremely rare: OCLC lists a single institutional copy (in the Library of Congress).


OCLC 890759878.

Stock Code: BN#53472