[Commonplace book]. Collection of excerpts.

No place, ca. 1810.

4to. French manuscript on paper. 68, 37 (but: 38) pp. Contemporary full cloth with blank spine-label.


Extracts from the works of great philosophers, writers and historical personalities, jointly composed by several hands, probably bound together soon after completion. Includes passages from Seneca quoted by C. A. Demoustier in his "Cours de Morale" (1804), Esprit Flechier's "Oraison funèbre de Monsieur de Turenne" (1676), and Chateaubriand's "Martyrs" (1809), as well as an extract from the Gazette de France from 9 April 1808 about the writer Germaine de Stael (1766-1817). Other sources include Voltaire, Jean-Baptiste Massillon, Fréderic César de La Harpe, Marie Jeanne Riccoboni, Jacques Necker, François de Neufchâteau, Jean-François Marmontel, and the Marquis de Bonnay. With the transcript of a description of Prince Potemkin given by Catherine the Great in one of her letters edited by Madame de Stael, as well as a "Recette de faire une Tragédie moderne" by Monsieur Hayley.

Some corrections and deletions. Binding a little soiled. Paper occasionally browned and brownstained; a few marginal tears rebacked with paper. An uncommon survival reflecting the reading habits of what appears to have been a group of students.