Rare letter in German

Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov), politician, founder of the Soviet Union (1870-1924). Autograph letter signed ("N. Lenin").

Paris, 1 Nov. 1911.

8vo. 3 pp. on a bifolium. Includes envelope, addressed by Nadezhda Krupskaya.

Further includes a printed pamphlet: "Der Anonymus aus dem Vorwärts und die Sachlage in der Sozialdemokratischen Arbeiterpartei Russlands". 8vo. 12 pp.


Rare, important letter in German, signed with the pseudonym "N. Lenin", addressed to Anton Nemec in Prague, the leader of the Czech Social Democrats, about organising the 6th All-Russian Conference of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP). Held in Prague in 1912, the conference would see the de-facto formation of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union when the Mensheviks were driven out of the RSDLP:

"Dear Comrade, you will be doing me a great service if you can help me with advice and action in the following matter. A number of organisations of our Party intend to call a conference (abroad - of course). The number of members of the conference will be about 20-25. Is there a possibility of organising this conference in Prague (to last about a week)? The most important thing for us is the possibility of organising it in extreme secrecy. No person, no organisation, should know about it. (It is a Social-Democratic conference, hence legal according to European laws, but the majority of the delegates do not have passports and cannot use their own names.) I earnestly beg you, dear comrade, if it is at all possible, to help us and tell me as quickly as possible the address of a comrade in Prague who (in the event of an affirmative reply) could make all the practical arrangements. It would be best if this comrade understood Russian - if this is impossible we can also reach agreement with him in German. I hope, dear comrade, that you will pardon me for troubling you with this request. I send you my thanks in anticipation [...]".

Traces of original horizontal and vertical folds. Includes the original envelope, addressed by Lenin's wife Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya (1869-1939) and postmarked Paris, 29 April.


Published in: Lenin, Werke, vol. 34, p. 445, no. 200 (with departures).