Cain, Georges, French painter, illustrator and writer (1856-1919). 2 autograph letters signed (one twice).

N. p. o. d.

8vo and small 12mo. Together 5½ pp. With autograph envelope.


The duodecimo letter with an envelope is addressed to the French journalist and bibliophile Pierre Dauze (1852-1913). Thanking him for unspecified information, Cain asks Dauze to lend him for some hours a catalogue that he would return "with his instructions". In closing, Cain apologizes for an undelivered earlier letter, assuring Dauze that the fault was not his, but that of the postal service: "Mille fois merci du bon renseignement que vous voulez me donner. Mettez je vous en prie le comble à votre obligeance et pretez moi ce catalogue pendant quelques heures. Après l'avoir parcouru je donnerai mes instructions le bas. Une chose me desole: vous n'avez pas reçu la lettre ou je vous remerciais devotre charmant envoi. La faute n'en est pas à moi, qui vous ai répondu comme je le devais, mais bien à la Poste [...]".

The second letter, to an unnamed recipient and dated 3 February, concerns business with a M. Koch who was "quite tough and set a veritable ultimatum" in a meeting with Cain just before the letter was written. Cain gives a summary of Koch's demands, apparantly for the resale of a work of art, and explains that Koch, who seemed "irritated and impatient", told him that he wrote the anonymous article in Le Figaro. Cain has no answer to his demands: "Nous n'avions rien à répondre - Que pourrait-on faire, c'est bien délicat!".

The second letter with small tears to the margins, some browning and stains.

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