Che Guevara with his mother, political activist Celia de la Serna

["Che" Guevara, i.e. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, Marxist revolutionary, major figure of the Cuban Revolution (1928-1967)]. Photograph (later print, signed "Luis Korda").

No place or date.

277 x 202 mm.


Guevara appears together with his mother Celia de la Serna y Llosa (1906-1965). Celia's politics influenced those of her famous son. Though in-person meetings like the one shown here were rare once Che had begun his revolutionary career, he wrote her frequently. His letters to her are evidence of an ongoing discussion, sometimes with disagreement, of their own interpretations of political and social ideologies, often in regard to Che's activities. According to one account, Celia survived an assassination attempt while giving a speech, and was said to have continued to speak the entire time allotted even as her bodyguards dispatched the assailants. The original photo was taken by Luis Korda and the print was signed by him at the bottom right.

Small signs of wear, otherwise in good condition.

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