Commentary on At-Tusi's Tadhkira

Birjandi, Abd Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Husayn al-. Sharh al-tadhkirah.

No place, [1655 CE =] 1065 H.

Large 8vo (148 x 242 mm). Arabic manuscript on polished, cream-coloured wove paper. 506 ff. 19 lines of black naskh with red underlinings and numerous diagrams in red and black ink. Several black and red ink marginal glosses. Contemporary full red morocco with fore-edge flap, ruled in blind.


A rare, complete, and well-preserved late mid-17th century manuscript of Al-Birjandi's "Sharh al-Tadhkirah", a commentary on the "Tadhkira", the memoir of the Persian polymath at-Tusi (1201-74). As consistent with the Islamic tradition of commentary, Al-Birjandi provides explanations for the reader and provides alternative views while assessing the viewpoints of predecessors.

Abd Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Husayn Birjandi (d. 1528) was a prominent Persian astronomer, mathematician and physicist from Birjand. A pupil of Mansur ibn Muin al-Din al-Kashi, of the Ulugh Beg Observatory, he anticipated notions later developed by Galileo Galilei in the West.

Binding rubbed and bumped at extremeties. Some brownstains throughout; first and last leaves remargined. Several old waqf stamps.


GAL S I, 931, 40 g.