Key moments of Bahrain politics and industry

[Bahrain]. [Photographs - Bahrain independence and industry].

Bahrain, [ca. 1971].

10 black and white photographs, from 180 x 240 mm to 125 x 152 mm.


A series of officially issued press photographs of key moments of political and industrial importance to Bahrain, including several snapshots of Isa bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa (1931-99), the first celebration of Independence Day in 1971, and the operations of Aluminum Bahrain (Alba), the first aluminum smelter founded in Bahrain and one of the first steps towards diversification beyond the oil industry. Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa was the first emir of Bahrain, and is shown here shaking hands with a Western dignitary and presenting an award to a schoolboy.

Four photographs, including two panoramas, record the first ever Independence Day celebrations in Manama, with parades of schoolgirls, armoured trucks, marching soldiers, and floats. Visible behind the parades are the dignitaries and likely members of the Al Khalifa ruling family, including the tent of the emir. Further photos record industrial scenes, including a view of the Alba Smelter from the stockyard, the "second test phase" of Alba's pot-room modernization programme, and an advanced rope and pulley system bringing raw materials to an Alba plant from ten kilometres away. - Most photographs with the stamp of the "Ministry of Information - State of Bahrain" on the reverse, with handwritten captions (some typed) in Arabic. A fantastic collection, with photographs of the first Independence Day celebrations being particularly scarce.