1950s colour slides of Aramco employees and facilities in Saudi Arabia

[Aramco]. [Colour slides of Aramco personnel, locations, and operations].

Abqaiq and Al Khobar, 1954.

50 diapositive kodachrome slides, in colour, each 50 x 50 mm. Housed in 3 original Kodak Color Slides boxes.


The daily life of Aramco employees captured by an amateur photographer, likely an American employee, and preserved in a fascinating series of Kodak Color Slides. The collection provides a good record of Aramco residential areas in the 1950s, as well as the nearby cities and desert landscapes, and a few snapshots of facilities. Aramco employees appear as well, with a few named in captions: Ed Peattie, author of an engineering textbook on pipeline maintenance, appears alongside Carl Taylor, Dave Fry, and Bob Morris, a handful of the American employees working and living in Aramco residential encampments, like Dhahran Camp and Abqaiq. An unnamed Saudi man also appears in two posed portraits holding his daughter, perhaps himself a fellow Aramco employee.

Dated "April 1954 S. Arabia" on the exterior of one slide box, these pictures were taken at an important period of Aramco's history, being the early phase of Saudization of the company.

In near-perfect condition.

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