Scarpa, Antonio

Antonio Scarpa, Italian anatomist, 1752-1832

Antonio Scarpa (9 May 1752 – 31 October 1832) was an Italian anatomist and professor. He was made professor of anatomy at the University of Pavia in 1783, on the strong recommendation of Emperor Joseph II. The monography "De structura fenestrae rotundae auris et de tympano secundario, anatomicae observationes", his first published work, focused on the structure of the inner ear. In 1789 he published a study of the hearing and olfactory organs, which was soon considered a classical treatise on the subject. His "Tabulae neurologicae" (1794), which was the first work to give an accurate depiction of the Heart's nerves and to show cardiac innervation, is considered to be his finest work.

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