[Men's Choral Society]. Archive of the Hernalser Men's Choral Society.

Mainly Vienna, 1845 to ca. 1925.

Collection of 471 songs in 211 fascicles, of which 42 are in manuscript, 169 mimeographed, engraved, or printed musical pieces. From the "Hernalser Men's Choral Society of Vienna". Various formats, mainly folios.


The wide repertory of a popular Viennese choral society which flourished during the last third of the 19th century. Amongst the numerous songs are compositions by Strauss, Schrammel, Ziehrer and Schubert. Most contain the complete arrangement, with the paper colour indicating the voice range (1st Tenor, 2nd Tenor, 1st Bass, etc.). The residue of many earlier choral societies' works can be found in this archive, which was continually built over the lifetime of the Hernalser Men's Choral Society.