[Book coffer]. Splendidly preserved 15th century folio binding with gothic blindstamping, transformed into a cassette box around 1900.

Wooden book-shaped cassette based on a late-15th century pigskin binding with gothic blindstamping. 3 faux raised bands, 2 later brass clasps. Lined with marbled brown paper (c. 1900); faux edges covered with red silk. Folio (225 x 323 x 75 mm; interior dimensions are 182 x 289 x 54 mm).


Decorative book-shaped coffer: an inconspicuous hiding place for valuable documents in a library containing any number of 16th century bindings. A woodcut of a high priest mounted on the inside of the cover may be removed from the work formerly contained (possibly Schedel's World Chronicle or the Postillae of Nicolas de Lyra).

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