Mustafa Ibn Yusuf al-Bursawi. Kitab Khuwguha Zada.

N. p., [1540 CE] = 948 H.

8vo (18,4 x 12,6 cm). 14 ff., riq'a script, 17 lines on a page, black ink, text markers (Qala-aqulu) in red ink. Dark brown, half-leather binding.


"Gloss on a Philosophical Work" by Mustafa Ibn Yusuf al-Bursawi, a Turkish theologian. He also wrote an important refutation on Ibn Rushd (Averroes) and his "Tahafut al-Tahafut". Greek philosophy had entered the Islamic society through the adoption of the neo-platonic worldview by the great philosophers of Muslim Spain.

Minor worming (not affecting text), some glosses near beginning; ff. 5-10 loose.