The 1922 Indian Grand National

[Horse Racing in India]. Collection of 17 original photographs.

Mostly Calcutta, 1922.

Albumen prints (vintage). Mostly 136 x 190 mm, but some smaller (down to 121 x 90 mm).


Fine, rare collection of British equestrian sports in India, mostly showing the 1922 Calcutta Races. Annotated to rear: "The Indian Grand National: 1st Hurdle", "Mr Ivan Jones 'China Egg'", "The Canal Hurdle Plate (Finish)", etc. Also shows the spectators at a Polo match, portraits of Anglo-Arabian thoroughbreds, etc.

Steeplechase racing was popular in British India both among planters and cavalry regiments. The first Indian Grand National was run at Tollygunge as early as 1895.

Well preserved.

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