The streets of Beijing

[Beijing]. Strassen-Bilder in Peking.

[Beijing, 19th century].

50 watercolours (342 x 240 mm) mounted on album paper, all captioned in Chinese. In brown cloth. Oblong folio.


Curious album of 50 watercolours, showing various portraits of people who do business in the streets of Beijing, among them a barber, street vendors, carpenters, jugglers, sculptors, beggars, mouse and rat catchers, newspaper salesmen, pickpockets, etc. The album also shows different types of machines such as slides and looms as well as everyday scenes: a young boy stealing the hat of an elderly man, another man collecting food discarded by the wealthy, a painter drawing the portrait of a deceased.

In very good condition, with ms. German translations of the Chinese captions.

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