[China]. Photograph album.

China, ca. 1919-1941.

Oblong folio (440 x 292 mm). Contemporary cloth album of 535 photographs. Various sizes, ranging from 5 x 5 to 13 x 22 cm.


A vast trove of photographs showing China throughout the 1920s and 1930s to the early 1940s, mostly captioned. Includes views of Beijing, the Summer Palace, canal, gardens, moat, Imperial Ancestral Temple, Pei Hai from the West, T'Ang Shan & Hei-Lung T'An (1922), Shih-Ching-Shan, Dagoba, Iron Cow, Goddess Kwan-Yin, Beijing 1940 P'ai Lou, Wang-Fu-Chin Ta Chieh, the funerals of Feng-Kuo-Chang and of Prince Pu Lun, Pei-Hai in winter, General Chang-Tso-Lin retreating from Beijing and Chian-Kai-Shek's troops entering in 1928, Shansi troops entering Beijing, celebrations of the Nanjing government taking over Beijing, skating on Pei Hai, aeroplanes, the Yellow Temple in Beijing, scenes at the Liu-Li-Ch'Ang Fair at New Year 1941, masked dancers at the Devil's Dance, Lama Temple, Chinese Games Beijing, the Princess Tomb near Beijing, Coal Hill, Beijing Club and Skating Rink, Europeans in Beijing 1937-40, Beijing Golf Club, Pa-Pao-Shan Course (1939), skating on the Pei-Hai, the West and North Gate, the Great Wall, house at 32 Ta Juan Fu Hut'Ung (1921), the British Embassy at Beijing, the Pagoda at Pa-Li-Chuang, Nian-Niagn-Miao Temple, Lung-Men-Ssu, Chien T'ai Ssu, Miao-Feng-Shan (1922), Pei-Hai and Dragon Screen, the Western Hills on the way to Miao-Feng-Shan (1932), the Citroen Haardt Trans-Asiatic Expedition, the Seann Expedition to Jehol ("up Nankou Pass by six wheeler 1930"), the bridge at Mi-Yun-Hsien, the Chin-Shih-Ling Pass, Ku-Pei-K'ou, the Potola Jehol, palace grounds, General T'Ang-Yu-Lin Governor of Jehol Province, officers of Jehol Army 1930, "to Shih-Chia-Chuang by Road with Major Lovat-Fraser 1929", Nank'ou Pass and Great Wall (October 1919), Ming Tombs, P'ai Lou, temples and fortress at Shih-Ching-Shan, Shan-Hai-Kuan views on the Shih-Ho, Grotto temple, Europeans and landscape at Shan-Hai-Kuan, ruins of Yen-Ming-Yuen, Beijing, destroyed by Anglo-French troops in 1860, the River Temple, "to Chai-T'ang with A. O. Buckingham 1919", Yung-T'ing Ho, Fo-Tzu-Ling, Pei-T'ai Ho (1938), the River Temple at Shan-Hai-Kuan, the Tower and Ocean Palace at Beijing, camels bringing coal to Beijing, etc. Also includes 7 loose photos of Ming tombs and 9 of ornate antique Chinese furniture, along with 24 photographs of the Phillippines and 16 of Japan. Finely preserved.

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