[China]. Photograph album.

China, ca. 1926.

Oblong folio (501 x 302 mm). Album of 82 photographs mounted on 14 loose brown cardboard sheets, unbound, with blank cover sheet. Sizes ranging from 10 x 6 to 15 x 26 cm.


Photographs of the Summer Palace, Tan Chueh Ssu Monastery, a trip to Mt. Connelly (Ching Shi Chien) with views taken on the road from Wang Ping Kou to Men Tou Kou following the river, of Fengtien troops marching westwards to meet the Shanhsi raiders, the Tan Han Ling Pass with the temple, Pan Chiao-Erh, Tan Chueh Ssu main gate, Shan-Hai-Kuan (wall, gates and towers, temple precincts, surrounding landscape, trolley line), etc., many captioned in ink in English.

Provenance: From the collection of Johannes Gottfried William Schröder (1870-1942). Born in India, the brother of the German poet Rudolf Alexander Schröder grew up in Bremen, trained as a merchant and visited India, China, Japan, and America. He established his own business in Shanghai in 1906. His intimate knowledge of East Asia led him to embrace the philosophy of anthroposophy.

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