Engels, "l'alter ego de Marx"

[International Workingmen's Association]. Mémoire présenté par la Fédération Jurassienne de l'Association Internationale des Travailleurs a toutes les Fédérations de l'Internationale.

Sonvillier, au siége du Comité Fédéral Jurassien, (1873).

8vo. 2 parts in one vol. (2), 285, (1) pp. 1 blank f., 139, (3) pp., blank final leaf. Original printed wrappers, untrimmed as issued.


Only edition: a principal early source for the development of the First International (cf. Nettlau). The International Workingmen's Association was founded in London in 1864 by a wide array of European radicals, including English Owenites, French Proudhonists and Blanquists, Irish and Polish nationalists, Italian republicans, and German socialists - including Karl Marx, then an obscure 46-year-old émigré journalist, who would soon come to play a decisive role in the organisation. After the fall of the Paris Commune in 1871, Bakunin became disenchanted with Marx's ideas. The conflict between anarchist and Marxist factions came to a head in 1872, with a final schism between the two wings at the Hague Congress, and the IWA split into two rival "First Internationals" with distinct organisations, one adhering to Marx, the other to Bakunin. It is the latter, "Anarchist" International of St. Imier (Jura, Switzerland) that produced this important apologetic history of the movement immediately after the schism. The roles of Marx and Engels ("l'alter ego de Marx", p. 260) are recounted extensively (albeit critically, as might by expected) throughout the volume, which is divided into four chapters covering the periods of 1865-68, 1868-70, 1870-71 ("La scission") and 1871-73, as is the history of the various IWA congresses. The book concludes with an extensive appendix of "Pièces justificatives", including sources such as the 1868 "Manifeste du parti de la démocratie sociale", "Résolutions du Congrès de Bruxelles", etc., many of which have not been reprinted elsewhere.

Somewhat browned and foxed. In the original wrappers, untrimmed as issued. A rare and principal source.


Nettlau 52. Stammhammer I, 147.

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