Lachâtre, Maurice, publisher (1814-1900). Autograph document signed.

Barcelona, 10. VIII. 1862.

4to. 1 page on blue squared writing paper. Mounted on cardboard carrier. With some addenda.


Extract from his will, stating that he would die as he lived, a free thinker, wishing no religious ceremony to take place at his funeral, his cortège to be that of a poor man without splendour: "Je mourrai, comme j’ai vécu, en libre penseur et attaché à la doctrine spirite; en conséquence aucune cérémonie religieuse ne devra avoir lieu lors de mon inhumation: mon convoi sera celui des pauvres, sans apparat [...]". He then gives detailed instructions for the embalming of his corpse and finishes by determining the distribution of part of his fortune to the poor and destitute, as well as to existing or newly founded humanitarian institutions: "[...] en faveur des pauvres, des déshérités de ce monde et des établissements humanitaires existants ou à fonder [...]".

Large tear in the upper half, barely touching text.

Includes additional documents:

Autograph note about donations of merchandise (8vo, 1 page, no place or date).

8 copies of birth and baptismal certificates of Lachâtre, Marie and Rose Garrète, Jeanne Letellier, Maurice and Enrique-Estevan Arture José Oriol (folio, 8 pp. on 7 bifolia; oblong 4to, 2 pp.).

2 wills of Marie-Ange Oriol (8vo, 1 page on bifolium; 4to, 1 page, Paris and Nanterre, 25 Aug. 1900 and 15 Feb. 1903).

Obituaries for her and Henry Oriol (4to, 2 pp. on one single leaf and one bifolium).

12 legal documents (folio, 7 libella comprising 124½ pp. on 30 bifolia; 4to, 30 pp. on 8 bifolia and a single leaf) concerning: the sale of a house to Lachâtre (Paris, 18 Aug. 1888), Madame Oriol as his sole heiress (Paris, 15 June 1903), donations by Lachâtre (Paris, 26 Sept. 1882), guardianships of Marie-Ange Garrette and Marie Eugénie Renard (no place, 30 April 1875), decisions of a family council (Paris, 31 Oct. 1881), the sale of business assets (Nanterre, 31 May 1900; a booklet of Parisian annoncements and three receipts enclosed); the case "Association Syndicale du Commerce" against M. Oriol (no place or date), the inheritance of the Picourts (no place, 3 Jan. 1887), the accusation of Joachim-Agathon-Adjutor Rattel and Rose Pauline Jenny Lefebre (Paris, 29 April 1902), the lease of a property in Nanterre (Paris, 20 March 1903), and the modification of Lachâtre's legacy to Aurélie Genre (Fontenay-sous-bois, 11 May 1909).

11 receipts of payments by Lachâtre, Marie Thérèse and Marie-Ange Garrette (oblong 8vo, 10 pp.; 4to, 1 p., Paris and Fontenay-sous-bois, 1880-82, 1905-06, 1919-20).

3 documents of financial content (8vo, 1½ pp. on bifolium; 4to, 3 pp.): mortgage certificate involving Lachâtre, Marie Thérèse and Marie-Ange Garrette (Paris, 4 March 1885), letter by M. Bourgoins to Henry Oriol about a mortgage loan to Lachâtre and Mlle. Garrette (Paris, 5 Sept. 1887, on headed stationery of the notary's office Philéas Vassal), and a bill documenting a conditional loan to Lachâtre (13 Aug. 1898).

2 certificates (folio, 2 pp. on one bifolium and one single leaf) of membership of Marie-Ange Oriol in the "Association Syndicale du Commerce & de l'Industrie" (Paris, 12 Feb. 1909; their statutes on the remaining 3 pages of the bifolium), and of voluntary enlistment for Maurice Pierre Leboucher (Nanterre, 23 Jan. 1901).

Request for payment by Crédit Lyonnais to Mme Oriol (4to, 1 p., Paris, 21 Jan. 1920). On headed stationery.

2 notes about shares of the "Société Anonyme la Librarie du Progrès" Lachâtre has assigned to André Girard and H. France (8vo and oblong 8vo, 2 pp., Paris, 5 Jan. 1899).

Bill for the construction of a wall between two properties, one belonging to Lachâtre (4to, 1½ pp., Paris, no date).

Letter by the mayor of Le Mans to Edouard Blot in Paris about M. Faivre (8vo, 1 p. on bifolium with autograph address on verso, Le Mans, 3 July 1875).

Copy of a telegram by Henry Oriol, probably to his wife ("Garette") in San Remo (4to, 1 p., Paris, 4 April 1878).

Blank receipt of the Librairie du Progrès, a typescript citation of Victor du Bled's "Société française du XVIe Siècle au XXe Siècle" verso: "[C]e qui fait le monde, c'est la femme. Elle y est souveraine [...]" (tall 4to, 1½ pp.).

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