Rare Syrian-printed map of the United Arab Republic

[United Arab Republic]. Kharitat al-Jumhuriyah al-'Arabiyah al-Muttahidah (Map of the United Arab Republic).

Damascus, Matba'at al-hukumiat bi Dimashq, [ca. 1958].

Colour-printed political and physical map, ca. 134 x 94 cm. Scale 1:2,000,000. Mounted on cloth.


Rare, detailed Syrian-printed map of the short-lived United Arab Republic, which aimed to unite Egypt and Syria politically in 1958. Although it effectively ceased to exist with the Syrian coup of 1961, Egypt continued to use the name until 1971.

Cartography by Niqola Zariq and Izzat Saydawi. Shows borders, rivers, valleys, principal, secondary and desert roads, railways, oil pipelines, capitals, provinces and centres, important cities and villages. The areas, population, railway length, cultivated lands and provinces of Syria and Egypt are specified separately. The Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia is shown as far as Al Lith, south of Jeddah.

The declaration of the United Arab Republic bolstered the trend towards Pan-Arabism, and confrontational attitudes toward neighbouring states increased. The province of Hatay, on the Turkish border, is shown on Syrian territory, reflecting ongoing disputes over claims on Hatay beginning after the end of the First World War. Similarly, Israel is designated "Palestine" in the Palestinian territories.

Some stains; wrinkled with several edge tears and chips. Folded.

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