[Islamic World]. El-Menoufi, Abul Faid (ed.). The Islamic World - Le Monde Islamique - Al-'Alam Al-Islami. (A Monthly Magazine of Islamic Studies).

Cairo, [1949-1951 CE =] 1369-1371 H.

3 volumes (Moharam 1369, Alqueda 1370, Moharam 1371). 32, 18 pp. 26, (2) pp. 26, (2) pp. Illustrated coloured printed wrappers. Staple-bound.


Three rare issues of the Egyptian monthly "The Islamic World", published by the Egyptian journalist Mahmoud Abul Faid El Menoufi (1882-1972) in Arabic as well as (for features in the early issues) in English and French. El-Menoufi founded several Sufi-leaning Islamic periodicals through which he campaigned against the British occupation of Egypt.

The three issues at hand contain, inter alia: 1) Moharam 1369 (October 1949): an article in Arabic with statistics for the 1369 pilgrimage, articles in English ("Medina and the Mosque of the Prophet") and French ("Introduction au Livre de l'Existence").

2) Alqueda 1370 (August 1951): an illustrated article in Arabic about the pilgrimage of the late Muhammad Labib al-Battanuni in the year 1327 (1909), described in his book "Al-Rihlat al-Hijaziyya".

3) Moharam 1371 (October 1951): an article in Arabic on the performance of the 'Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages, with a paragraph on the visit to Mecca by King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud for the performance of an 'Umrah and the return of Prince Faisal from his official visit to London.

Some fraying to wrappers; old rust stains from staples. A well-preserved ensemble of a very rare periodical.

OCLC 459477009.