Humbert, Thérèse, impostor (b. 1856). ALS.

Fulda, 13 May 1885.

8vo. 2 pp. on bifolium. Includes 8 letters, also addressed to the "Moniteur", by H. and J. Humbert. Altogether 15½ pp. Various formats.


In French, to the editors of the "Moniteur de la Chance Universelle" in Vienna.

The impostor Thérèse Humbert was born in the Languedoc region of France in 1856 as Thérèse Daurignac. Soon after her wedding to Frédéric Humbert, the son of the mayor of Toulouse, she began to tell stories about a mysterious inheritance, supposedly left to her by a grateful American millionaire, one Robert Crawford. Using the promised inheritance as collateral, the family took out enormous loans which enabled the Humberts to live in Paris for two decades in splendor and extravagance. Thérèse even kept a salon in which the elegant Paris society met. Only in 1901 was a court able to expose the entire story as a fraud. When the bubble burst, the scandal rocked the French financial world, and thousands of investors and creditors were ruined - among them the parents-in-law of the painter Henri Matisse. The Humberts flew, but were arrested in Madrid the following year. Thérèse was sentenced to five years' hard labor; after her release from prison, she disappeared from history.

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