Rudolf II, Emperor. Printed mandate: appeal for prayer against Turkish army.

Vienna, 14 Aug. 1592.

Oblong folio (499 x 354 mm). Broadsheet. 1 p. With papered seal. Folded.


The Lower Austrian government renews its 1566 mandate for general prayer against the Turkish threat.

After the running battles at the Habsburg-Turkish border steadily grew into open war, Rudolf II formally renounced the peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire in October 1592. The Battle of Sissek in June 1593 marked the beginning of the so-called Long Turkish War.

17th-century notes on reverse. Some wrinkling; tiny paper defect and browning to folds. Signed by the Lower Austrian governor Ruprecht von Stotzingen, Dr. Elias Corning, Dr. V. Spindler, and another government official.


Starzer, Regesten aus dem k. k. Archiv für Niederösterreich (1906), no. 5601.