[Riesenthal, Oskar von. Die Raubvögel Deutschlands und des angrenzenden Mittel-Europas. Darstellung und Beschreibung der in Deutschland und dem angrenzenden Mitteleuropa vorkommenden Arten. 2. Auflage der Tafeln mit kurzem Text.

Kassel, Theodor Fischer / C. B. Griesbach's Verlag, Gera, 1894].

Folio. (4), 56 pp. With 57 (out of 60) chromolithographed plates. Contemp. half cloth.


Second edition of this plate set first published in 1876-78, including several much-sought depictions of falcons. "As these birds of prey are rendered with the utmost attention to detail, the description of their exterior may be confined to that which is not evident from the images or whatever is of particular noteworthiness" (cf. preface).


Nissen, IVB 782. OCLC 302340448. Vgl. Harting 127.

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