Cabet, Etienne, philosopher (1788-1856). Autograph letter signed (?).

Paris, 4. V. 1825.

1 page. on bifolium. 4to. With autogr. address verso (folded mail) and stamped closure.


To Monsieur Luce and other unnamed addressees about 2700f which Cabet and other gentlemen owe to Cossinet for the supply of his carriages. Furthermore Cossinet demands another approximately 1200f for those "sous-pentes" (with slanting roofs). Only the latter sum can be contested before the commercial court. Cossinet delegated 1286f to Mr. Fornin who came to ask for the payment of this sum in the name of Cossinet. Cabinet and other gentelmen advised Mr. Vallier to give a mandate for the 1286f to Mr. Fornin as they do not notice any disadvantage from doing so and announce that the addressees will receive this mandate: "Messieurs, Nous devons encore à Cossinet, pour la fourniture de ses voitures, 2700f qui ne peuvent être contestés. Il réclame un outre près de 1200f pour tel sous-pentes; et c'est pour cette dernière sommes seulement que nous sommes en contestation avec lui devant le tribunal de commerce.

Il a délégué 1286f à Mr. Fornin, et celui-ci est venu demander le paiement de cette somme au nom de Cossinet. Nous avons conseillé à Mr. Vallier de donner un mandat pour cette somme de 1286f à Mr. Fornin, ne voyant aucun inconvénient à cela. Vous allez recevoir ce mandat [...]".

Cabet went to Paris in 1820 as he was legally banned for a year from practizing law in his home town. In Paris, Cabet united with other ideologues of the resistance to monarchy and theocracy, as the followers of Saint-Simon's New Christianity and Babeuf's Society of Equals. In 1840 Cabet published a novel called "Voyage en Icarie" that represented his theories on the ideal community. For the realisation of his ideas, in 1848 and 1849 Cabet and several hundred followers landed in New Orleans. Cabet purchased the old Mormon settlement at Nauvoo and launched his so called "Icaria".

With lithogr. letter head "Petites Messageries dans Paris." and "Rue de Seine-St-G., hôtel de la Rochefoucould". Tear due to opening of the letter.

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