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  • Pinto, Fernão Mendes. Les voyages advantureux de Fernand Mendez Pinto. Fidellement traduits de …Paris, 1645.

  • (Prothero, G. W. [ed.]). Persian Gulf: French and Portuguese Possessions.London, 1920.

  • [Punjab-British Secretariat]. Press lists of old records in the Punjab Secretariat. Volume VII. North-West …Lahore, 1915.

  • Quran. A fine illuminated Qur'an manuscript.Probably modern Afghanistan or Pakistan, ca. 1830s first half of the 19th century CE.

  • Quran. Manuscript Qur'an commentary.Sultanate of Delhi, ca. 1490 CE, or 15th century.

  • [R.A.F.]. Air Route Book. Cairo to Karachi via North Arabia and Persian Gulf (Cairo …Egypt, 1943.

  • [RAF - Middle East Force]. Air Route books for pilots flying from Cairo to Karachi. Navigation Branch …No place, 1943-1945.

  • [RAF - Middle East Force]. Air Route books for pilots flying from Cairo to Karachi. Navigation Branch …No place, 1944.

  • Radhakrishnan, Sarvepalli, second President of India (1888-1975). Portrait photograph signed.No place or date.

  • [Royal Asiatic Society]. Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.London, 1824-1834.

  • Rückert, Friedrich. Nal und Damajanti. Eine indische Geschichte. Zweite verbesserte Auflage.Frankfurt am Main, 1838.

  • Saadi. Kulliyat-i Sa'di (Saadi's Collected Works).Lucknow & Cawnpore, 1869-1917.

  • Sale, Sir Robert H. (et al.). The Defence of Jellalabad [...] drawn on stone by W. L. Walton.London, 1845/1846.

  • Sanjana, Darab Dastur Peshotan. The Dînâ î Maînû î khrat, or, The Religious Decisions of the Spirit …Bombay, 1895.

  • Schaeuffelen, Eugenie. Meine indische Reise. Als Manuskript gedruckt.München, 1904.

  • [Scrap book - Asia and Middle East]. The Callender scrap book.England, USA, Austria, Germany, Bermuda, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malaya, Bombay, Aden, 1916-1950s.

  • [Siam - Thailand]. McFarland, Samuel Gamble, ed. Siamese hymnal.Phetchaburi in Thailand, 1876.

  • Simpson, William / Kaye, John William. India Ancient and Modern. A Series of Illustrations of the Country and …London, 1867.

  • Singh, Dinesh, Minister of External Affairs of India (1925-1995). Portrait photograph signed.No place or date.

  • Sirvanli, Ahmet Hamdi Efendi. Hindistan ve Svat ve Afganistan seyahatnamesi.Istanbul, 1883 CE = 1300 H.

  • [Sri Lanka]. Manuscript map of the interior of Ceylon.Kandy, Ceylon?, ca. 1815.

  • [Sri Lanka]. Album of watercolours.Sri Lanka, December 1895-February 1896.

  • [Sri Lanka - Photographie]. Scowen, Charles T. Kandy Lake & Cabbage Palms.Kandy, 1880er Jahre.

  • Sulayman al-Tajir / Abu Zaid Hasan ibn Yazid, al-Sirafi / Reinaud, Joseph Toussaint (transl.). [Silsilat al-tawarik]. Relation des voyages faits par les Arabes et les …Paris, 1845.

  • Tagore, Rabindranath, Bengali polymath and Nobel laureate (1861-1941). Portrait post card signed.No place, 22 Oct 1929.

  • Tavernier, Jean-Baptiste. Vierzig-Jährige Reise-Beschreibung. Worinnen dessen durch Türkey, Persien, …Nuremberg, 1681.

  • Tayler, William. Sketches Illustrating the Manners and Customs of the Indians and Anglo …London, 1842.

  • Valle, Pietro della. Viaggi di Pietro della Valle il pellegrino. Descritta da lui medesimo in …Rome, 1650-1663.

  • Varthema, Lodovico di. Itinerario de Ludovico de Varthema Bolognese nello Egitto, nella Soria, …Venice, April 1535.

  • Wellesley, Richard Colley, 1st Marquess Wellesley, Anglo-Irish statesman (1760-1842). Autograph letter signed.No place or date.

  • William Waldegrave Palmer, 2nd Earl of Selborne, British politician and colonial administrator, High Commissioner of South Africa (1859-1942). Typed letter signed ("Selborne").Governor's Office, Johannesburg, 31 Dec 1909.


Showing items 97–127 of 127 (India)

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